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Convergence India 2021 exhibition

发表时间:2020-10-11 10:32

HAIHONG   decision to cancel its participation to the Convergence India 2021 exhibition postponed until 24th to 26th MARCH 2021, due to remaining concerns over the spread of novel coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19).

The comprehensive decision to suspend the exhibit is made in response to the continued raging of the novel coronavirus infectious disease and its serious impact to the economy of both the developed and emerging countries, taking into consideration the potential risks of second or third surge of the pandemic, and to put highest priority in securing the health and safety of our global customers as well as our employees.

While an extremely unusual circumstance prevents HAIHONG from participating in the Convergence India 2021, our plan is to launch an array of new products and services in the days to come, through open house events and active participations to regional exhibitions. New information will also be released utilizing various media such as corporate websites, information and video distribution service using emails or SNS, online exhibitions and webinars.

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